About MGE

MGE, or Manga Girl Entertainment is a small press company located in central Nova Scotia. Founded in 2000, it is a company of one that Will Not Die, and continues to publish comic and art related zines, and host webcomics.

If you're an artist or writer with need of some webspace to host your creative type stuff, or a zinester with questions about printing/formatting, or need help with publication, feel free to contact the woman behind the show. If she can't help, there's still a good chance she knows who to hook you up with. She freelances on commission, too.

Current projects:
Colt, an online graphic novel by CK Russell (2003)
CK's Sketchbook, zine of self explainatory contents (2008-09)
Infinity: Revolutions, online serial, back online soon(tm)

Upcoming projects:
Dark Seraphim, another graphic novel
Colt: Old Soldiers, short stories from the Colt-verse, anthology style
Knights, more stories about mercenaries

Past projects:
Colt Character Book #1, 2012
Gravity Shift #1-2, zine (1999/2000)
MT Copyright sketchbook zine (2008), format, print & binding